As a 33 Health Patient, You Have the Right To 

  • Receive respectful, courteous, and compassionate care regardless of  race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or health status. 
  • Receive information concerning his/her diagnosis, treatment and  prognosis that is accurate and easy to understand. 
  • Be involved in the therapy plan of care regarding treatment  interventions and goal creation. 
  • Receive reasonable communications regarding progress, changes to  the plan of care and discharge planning.
  • Reasonable continuity of care with minimal interruption.
  • Refuse care at any point during care or during a visit and be informed  of said consequences. 
  • Refuse treatment interventions and explore options. 
  • Receive treatment interventions that are safe and customized to your  individual needs. 
  • Receive a prompt, thorough response to billing inquiries or general  concerns regarding quality of care. 
  • Communication in a language or form which you can understand.
  • Authorize a representative to exercise your rights as a consumer of  therapy services. 
  • Respectful treatment of your property and environment.
  • Treatment by qualified clinicians who are experienced at the level of  skill needed for the care required. 
  • Privacy of his/her personal and health information as delineated in  the Notice of Privacy.